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Who we are

With over 48 years of experience, KOALA® has specialized itself in the manufacturing of high value custom made rubber and polyurethane products like rubber rolls, seals and industrial recoverings. Also producing and distributing wheels, casters, industrial and forklift tires and general equipment for material handling.

We work under world class manufacturing systems, practices and international standards that guarantee the reproducibility and repeatability of our processes and products complying with the highest standards.

Our adequate strategic and technological planning has earned us several state, national and international awards that motivate us to keep developing, innovating and growing as a company and people.

To be the leader in the products, services and solutions offered for the material handling market and in rubber components for productive processes.

To apply our resources and talents to innovate, create and deliver high value solutions that generate economic benefits to our customers, employees, shareholders and communities in which we interact.

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Our team

Consult our technical staff

Our qualified personnel, technicians and engineers will gladly assit you in the proper selection of the correct caster for your application. Either from selecting one from our 60,000 available catalog models, or by creating, designing and building it according to your requirements. Ask us!